The official travel blog of "Girls Gone Glamping" ~ nine amazing women who, once a year, take adventurous trips with just a touch of glamour. 

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Our first full day of this year's Glamping trip was on the Gallatin River in Montana learning the art of fly fishing.

We were guided by the wonderful folks at Gallatin River Guides, who were happy to take on this crazy group of 9 newbies from Miami. Our expert guid...

The inaugural Girls Gone Glamping {GGG} trip was a 5-day luxury river rafting trip down the Colorado River.

With the guidance of the wonderful outfitters at Sheri Griffith River Expeditions,

we embarked on the journey of a lifetime down river, from Moab to Lake Powell v...

We are 9 amazing women from Miami - and by that we mean talented, smart, beautiful and creative women - who, once a year, leave 24 children at home and escape to their own adventures. 

We have traveled together for 6 years and love sharing our advent...

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These are the adventures and travels of "Girls Gone Glamping" - girls' trips meant to be slightly off-the-grid, but with glamorous amenities along the way. We take all of our own photos, we have a long list of "rules and regulations for travel" and we have the times of our lives. This ain't campin'!


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