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Ready for some fun ?

We are excited to share our insights:  


Want to plan an adventure, or visit an exotic place you've never been before?


It's fun! It's hard! It takes forever!! And then, you'll want to make sure everyone is happy, every single minute of the day....

  • What do you need to pack for Iceland in early June? Did we mention that there are 22-1/2 hours of daylight in Iceland in the summer months? 

  • Mountain-biking on the Cotopaxi Volcano in Ecuador in June? What is the weather like at 11,000 feet?

  • Does everyone in your group love tiny planes that land on air strips the length of a soccer field? Then the airport in Tambor, Costa Rica on the way to surf camp in Santa Teresa is just the place for you!

  • Are you all fine being with absolutely zero cell service for 5-6 days? Yes?  Then spending a week traveling with a "Groover" that everyone must poop and pee in while rafting the protected areas of the Colorado River should be no problem, either.

  • Does swimming with sea lions in the Sea of Cortez in Baja, Mexico sound like great fun for your kids? Then we need to mention that while swimming into groups of playful sea lions pups, you must keep a smart distance from the massive bulls who are there to protect their harem. 

We've lived these trips, and we've done the groundwork. We've even become BBFs with a ton of wonderful people in all of these places. 

So very soon, you'll be able to purchase our trip ideas for a small fee (just enough to pay for a beer on our next adventure).

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