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Luxury Rafting on the Colorado River

The inaugural Girls Gone Glamping {GGG} trip was a 5-day luxury river rafting trip down the Colorado River.

With the guidance of the wonderful outfitters at Sheri Griffith River Expeditions,

we embarked on the journey of a lifetime down river, from Moab to Lake Powell via the Cataract Canyon.

An adventure that would never stop surprising us, and would forever change us.

Our first stop upon arrival in the great American Southwest was the Sorrel River Ranch and Spa in Utah: Set in the spectacular scenery near Moab's famous arches and red rock mountains, this resort is the standard of luxury lodging.

Tucked along the Colorado River and near Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, this boutique hotel offers farm-to-table meals, spa services and refreshing luxuries in a rugged environment.

After a bit of glam, the boats were put in at Potash Boat Ramp outside of Moab.

We settled in for a relaxing first leg of the trip - a much needed respite - and a bit of "quiet before the storm..."

To start, our fabulous river guides prepared a refreshing snack and began to tell us about the river.

We then stopped to hike to the top of a big curve in the river.

The hike was loaded with Native American pictographs and a ancient granary.

We then hit the cool water (snow run-off from the Rockies, which is quite refreshing in early June) and

promptly began a synchronized swim, because we are weird.

At the end of a perfect first day, we pulled up onto a beautiful piece of sandy beach for the night.

A lead boat had arrived before us, and set up our tents, complete with cots, linens, rugs,

a night stand and more little special touches.

We then got a quick 411 on Groover protocol (keep that detail off the itinerary if you invite your mother-in-law)...

and set down to the most spectacular dinner setting we have ever seen.

Down river, we hit rapids for days. Early June usually means high water and guaranteed thrills.

We rafted down the Colorado to the confluence of the Green - the meeting of two of the West's greatest rivers.

No cell service actually brings less worries. We need to disconnect in order to connect.

And to laugh until your sides hurt.

After 5 days and the end of canyon, we entered Lake Powell.

More than a little bit sad to re-enter reality, but ready for a shower and a bed.

The way back to Moab was via Redtail Air Adventures, back over our entire route of Cataract Canyon and the National Park areas along the way. A stunning finale to a week of endless beauty and adventure.

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