Fly fishing on the Gallatin River

Our first full day of this year's Glamping trip was on the Gallatin River in Montana learning the art of fly fishing.




We were guided by the wonderful folks at Gallatin River Guides, who were happy to take on this crazy group of 9 newbies from Miami. Our expert guides were extremely knowledgeable, talented at teaching, encouraging, FUN -- and very enthusiastic about making our day memorable. They even made us lunch!



Getting the nine of us geared-up for the day should have been challenging enough for anyone... "Can I get a smaller size?", "Do these waders make me look fat?", "Can you tighten my belt?"..... it's fashion first with this crew! But all of that quickly faded away as we each paired off with a guide, and hit the Gallatin from separate access areas. Learning to cast, how to read the water, what the fish are eating, how to reel them in - it was all learned right on the water over this 6-hour day trip - and it was all perfection.



We only had two real requirements for this day: 1.) Would we see Brad Pitt? and 2.) Would we catch a fish? We each caught multiple fish, and started to quickly quit caring about Brad and his "River That Ran Through It...."



Montana Flyfishing. July, 2017

Girls Gone Glamping - Year 6











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